I moved down to the Western Cape at a young age, and immediately felt ever inspired by the culture, landscapes and beautiful people. Cape Town has allowed me to explore my creativity and work on projects I could never have imagined getting involved with.

I studied at the Stellenbosch Academy of Design in Photography, and after that completed two courses through the University of Cape Town online education system, Get Smarter. I completed a graphic design and business course. I completed my first year in Visual Arts through Unisa but ended up becoming too busy with film and photography so I decided to pursue my passions through my independent businesses.

I specialised in surf lifestyle at the Stellenbosch Academy of Design in Photography. This is where I got to explore my love for fashion and the outdoors. Having been inspired by the music scene in Cape Town, I have branched out to photographing up and coming bands. After a few band shoots I got approached by a festival, River Republic, which resulted into me being one of their resident photographers and opened me up to capturing festivals such as Up the Creek. Shooting festivals (and just being a general music event supporter) opened me up to working with some of Cape Town’s very talented musicians and capturing other local festivals. Coming from a family with deep love and adoration for music, working in the music scene is a massive treat.

2018 opened me up more to the fashion industry, music videos and studio photography. I started refining my style and focusing on bringing up the standard of professionality for brands and businesses through media

I love capturing life moments, especially with families and weddings. I have a separate business that branches off Paige Fiddes Creative, called Paige Portraits where I do all my portrait work for families, weddings and more lifestyle based photo shoots.


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