The collision of fashion and culture is inevitable, when we create, we often take inspiration from the intricate features that make us, well, us. Whether you are inspired by your surroundings, your relationships, your culture and more, these qualities often appear in an artist’s work. We want to explore this concept in the fashion industry. Uncovering the underground world of eclectic fashion designers and how they push the boundaries of fashion.

Exploring the unique stories and inspirations of different individuals.

Enlightening our viewers on what goes into their clothing and how to make more sustainable choices in the fashion industry.

Sharing stories of fashion and culture and how they are intertwined.

Highlighting the LGBTQ communities around the world. 

Female Designers in Cape Town 

Gender neutral brands in South Africa

Sustainable brands in Cape Town 

African designers in Johannesburg 

Drag Queens in Namibia 

Kenyan Designers 

Paige Fiddes

Host, Videographer, Editor, Co-Producer

Script Writer, Copy Writer, Co-Producer

Kirsten Jurgens

In an All-Girls Boarding School within a very small town in the Western Cape, South Africa the opportunities for creative outlets were few and far between, so when a like-minded individual is spotted, you tend to notice. A spontaneous (based solely on music taste and some things in common) decision to go away together for the weekend turned into a whirlwind of goofy photoshoots and the exchange of future creative dreams. Becoming roommates the following year allowed us to turn our little room into a creative sanctuary filled with late night giggles and dainty music. Fast forward to 2020, Paige is an established photographer/videographer in Cape Town, her name growing more and more everyday and Kirsten returning from her travels, and an English Literature degree at the ready, what better time to make some magic together?

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