Threads is a Youtube documentary series which shares the stories of local eclectic fashion designers around the world. We want to talk to designers living in countries not typically associated with fashion, who are pushing the boundaries around sustainability, expression, culture, politics and gender. This platform will allow these incredible designers to have a voice and to educate people on their process, this will in turn, drive people to support small businesses.


The Concept

Our Elevator Pitch


Exploring the unique stories and inspirations of creative individuals around the world.

Enlightening our viewers on what goes into their clothing and how to make more sustainable choices in the fashion industry.

Encouraging people to support their local designers.

Sharing stories of fashion and culture and how they are intertwined.

Highlighting the LGBTQ communities around the world. 

Inspiring people to express themselves.

Learn about different cultures through the eyes of fashion and beauty. 

Our Purpose


Pilot Episodes


Episode Structure

The way we have structured our episodes is to give you as much content as possible because we understand that Youtube channels need a consistent stream of content. We would like to film 2 episodes per month. The first one being the main documentary on that specific country's fashion scene, the second episode being based on an inspiring flamboyant individual living in that country. The filming and editing style we are going for is a Vice / i-D kind of aesthetic - so very edgy and authentic.

Main Threads Episodes 

Threads Episode 1 / Urban African Designers - Mmuso Maxwell, Urban Zulu, Klipa Denim

  • 10-20 min long / 2 weeks to produce and shoot / 1 week for editing

  • Focuses on 3 different designers within a specific topic. 

  • Each designer shares their story,  inspiration and opinions on their specific industry. 

  • Entails an interview and creative footage of designers work. 

  • Has the intention to inspire people to support local designers and educate people on what goes into their clothing. 

  • What goes into the clothing that we wear? From design to manufacturing. 

  • What micro trends are happening around the world?

  • What trends are happening within certain cultures?

  • How are designers keeping their culture alive through fashion?

  • What do different cultures define as beautiful?

  • What inspires designers around the world?

  • What does fashion mean to different cultures?

  • For example: We have our pilot video for this idea below, where we travelled to Johannesburg to talk to Urban African designers and got a lot of really amazing insight into how the industry used to operate 30 years ago, as opposed to, how it operates now. We are also in the post production phase of our Cape Town episode where we spoke to sustainable brands and designers and the challenges around that.a

Inspiring Individuals Episodes

Threads Episode 2 / Coming out the closet with Cape Town Musician Al Clapper

  • Personal discussions with expressive individuals.

  • People in the fashion industry or fashion enthusiasts like stylists, models, musicians and people in the LGBTQ+ community 

  • Listen to their story and go through their favourite items / garments 

  • 5-7 min long / 3 days to shoot and produce / 3 days for editing

  • The intention is to inspire people to express themselves, and educate people on different roles in the industry as well as the lgbtq+ community. 

  • Challenge society's ideas of what is beautiful. 

  • For example: We have our pilot episode for this idea, where we spoke to an amazing androgenous musician, Al Clapper, who showed us his wardrobe and spoke about how fashion helped him with expressing himself as a queer male. We are also in the post production phase of an episode on Ryan Hing who is an insanely talented stylist in South Africa who shares his story on how being expressive and fearless in his styling choices, has helped him gain trust and get more work as a stylist.


Upcoming Episodes

01 - Threads | Johannesburg Designers - Mmuso Maxwell, Urban Zulu, Klipa Denim

02 - Inspiring Individuals | Coming out the closet with Al Clapper

03 - Johannesburg Behind the scenes 

03 - Threads Namibia Designers

04 - Inspiring Individuals Namibia

05 - Namibia Behind the scenes

06 - Threads | Cape Town Sustainable Designers - HempLove, Tukiyas Closet, Sama-sama

07 - Inspiring Individuals | Being a stylist in South Africa with Ryan Hing

08 - Cape Town Behind the scenes

09 - Threads | Nigerian designers

10 - Inspiring Individuals | Lagos

11 - Behind the scenes Nigeria

12 - Threads | Moroccan Designers 

13 - Inspiring Individuals Morocco

14 - Behind the scenes Morocco



What makes Threads unique

and why should you invest

in this series?

Firstly, there is a big demand for unique feel-good content, due to the global pandemic. A lot of people are turning to Youtube for entertainment. What's great about this concept is; it showcases designers and drives more support to them, it is educational about fashion and culture, it inspires people to be more themselves and its sharing genuine, beautiful stories around fashion instead of the more superficial content that we generally see. 


You will be able to monetize off views, ads and sponsorships. This documentary appeals to people who love fashion, exploring different cultures, design and travel. As we said earlier too, there has been huge curiosity from Europe around African designers. People are really eager to see something different and this is definitely the place to show them that.


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From travel expenses to production costs

The story behind the concept


During lock down, I got to reflect on the last year of hustling as a fashion photographer and videographer in South Africa. After hearing the stories and the struggles of our local designers, I began to see a lot of issues within the industry - we have a vast range of incredibly talented and unique designers in this country, but local people just don’t support because as a developing country we put international brands on a pedestal, seeing them as that of a higher quality or standard. Most South Africans can’t even name 5 local brands. This isn’t just something that is restricted to South Africa, but something that’s an issue in a lot of African countries as well as in other parts of the world. I really started to digest this during lock down, and I got this idea of an amazing way to possibly tackle this issue and to investigate the root of the problem. 


By sharing the stories and inspirations of these designers, consumers will, firstly, get to see the amazing talent each country has to offer. They will get to hear the personal stories that inspired the garments created by the designers and get to understand why certain pieces may be placed at a certain price point. If designers get more support  it will lead to job employment in these countries. Consumers will also get a better understanding of more sustainable fashion practices. Now that online shopping is increasing in popularity - it’s the perfect time to give these brands and designers a platform to be discovered and supported


Our Inspiration


The Team

Paige Fiddes

Director, Videographer, Editor, Co-Producer

Script Writer, Copy Writer, Co-Producer

Kirsten Jurgens